Double your summer patio revenue

Expand your patio seating and pack your patio with double the cooling of traditional misting systems!

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Pack Your Patio

Double your summer patio revenue - with double the cooling of traditional misting systems!

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Trusted for 35 Years by Top
Restaurants & Resorts

Turn Down the Temperature

Cool any outdoor space by 20 degrees

Patio Temp.

Your guests will enjoy a comfortable meal


Current Patio Temp.


Patio Temp. With

Why do you NEED misting this summer?

Stay open for business all summer with outdoor cooling that pays for itself

Attract more customers, keep them dining longer

Cools 2-3 times more than traditional line mist systems even in humid weather

Patented ruby nozzles produce world's finest mist and keeps customers cool and dry

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Why Restaurants Love MistAmerica

"We were able to have the biggest day in the company's history"

Buck & Rider

"We get 2-3 more months of use outdoors"

Big Smoke Burger

"Straightaway we saw the revenue come in"

Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

Cool your entire patio for the price of a single propane heater tank refill

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No More.

Say goodbye to the problems of regular misting systems.

No more drips or wet customers

No more calcium buildup

No more ruined furniture

Ready to Chill?

Here are some of the products we offer

Mist360 Breeze

Our most popular Mist360 for restaurant patios. Cools a 15' diameter (200 ft²)

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Mist360 Cyclone

Ideal for lower patio covers & smaller spaces. Cools up to 150 ft²

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MA Mist Fan

Super quiet, high performance, deep basket mist fans come with 4 or 8 nozzles.

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